Jessie Goes to Prom

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Minneapolis in April

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2014 Shamrock Run

The Shamrock Run is one of the biggest races in Portland and happens on the Sunday nearest St. Patrick's Day.  There are three races, a 5K and 8K around downtown, both of which are relatively flat, and a 15K which runs up the West Hills and back down.  It's basically a 9.6 mile run with a 70-story building thrown in the middle for good measure.

15K Course Map

Beth and I both ran and both finished, Beth about 5 minutes faster than me.  I took a selfie every mile of the entire race.  Enjoy!

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How to Vacation in Hawaii

Here is exactly how you vacation in Hawaii, step-by-step with corresponding photo journal.

1)  Get some really good friends on-board.
2)  Get a "Here we go!" selfie.
3)  Meet your friends in Los Angeles.
4)  Promptly fly to Kauai.
5)  Get a great condo.
6)  Lounge.
7)  Seriously.  Lounge.
8)  Fire up the grill.
9)  Eat like queens and kings.
10)  With good wine, of course.
11)  Laugh at inside jokes.
12)  Enjoy every minute.
13)  With company.
14)  Soak in the scenery.
15)  Smile together.

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Waimea Canyon, Waimea and Kauai Coffee Co.

A soggy Friday had the group of us sitting around watching reality TV, which is just about the most horrible thing normal, well-adjusted people can do.  Given that, we decided we would head up to Waimea Canyon State Park to check out the scenery.

Called "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific" by Mark Twain, Waimea Canyon cuts through the Southwest corner of Kauai, where the Waimea River empties into the Pacific.  (Hawaii Fun Fact:  Kauai has seven navigable rivers while all the other Hawaiian islands have none.)

The drive up to the overlook is a very long, windy road that had the back seat occupants feeling a little queasy.  After making it up to the top we all hopped out of the car to discover that the temperature was a solid 15 degrees colder than at sea level (the overlook is at 3,400 ft.) and none of us were well-prepared.  While freezing in the cold wind, we did enjoy the view, however we didn't stay long.

After the drive back down, we all decided a fresh air break from the car would be good so we walked around Waimea a little bit.  It's a tiny town and we stopped into a bar for happy hour.  After that, we headed over to the Kauai Coffee Company which was on the way back to Poipu.  Beth and Sara sampled some coffee while Jason and I well, stood around.

That night we threw some burgers on the grill to finish out the food in our condo, had some good wine, and called it a night.

After we all watched more reality TV, of course.

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